Top 25 Things I Learned from Teaching:

photo credit: clevercupcakes via photopin cc

Let’s face the reality of being a teacher here in the Philippines. This is just based on my own experience and reality I have witnessed in the field of education. Some may be true for others, some may not. Let’s share thoughts! 🙂

1. You know when someone’s not listening in class even without looking up.

2. You know when a kid really needs to go to the comfort room or just making up excuses.

3. You know when your students did their homework on their own or by their guardians.

4. That once in every time you give out an assignment, there is at least one student who fails to do it.

5. “Because my mom/yaya forgot to put it in my bag” is one of the top excuses students give for forgetting an assignment.

6. That it’s normal to have a cold every year.

7. That it’s normal to have sore throat annually.

8. Spills and sticky floors during recess time are normal, especially with younger kids.

9. That children are very creative, even in teasing and making jokes on their classmates.

10. That you should check papers every day so that they won’t pile up.

11. You can eat your lunch within 15 minutes, sometimes even while doing paper work.

12. You manage to stand for hours even without break sometimes.

13. That teaching is not an 8-hour job. You wake up very early to be in school before your students arrive and sleep very late just to finish all the work–with no OT pay of course! 🙂

14. That weekends aren’t really a “me time” or “family time” because you need to finish your work for the week and prepare for the coming week.

15. You become an expert in multi-tasking. You learn how to check papers and do other paper work while dating! 🙂

16. You become an expert in deciphering students’ handwriting after reading their diary entries every day.

17. That you should be versatile. You should not only be good in teaching but as well as in singing, dancing, acting, cooking, drawing, painting, designing, making arts and crafts, hosting, net-surfing, making documents, researching, story-telling, playing sports, playing musical instruments, making experiments and the list goes on and on and on 🙂

18. That creativity always catches students’ attention. You should always have your box of daily gimmicks, especially for preschoolers who have very little attention span.

19. If you are a preschool teacher, you need to learn how to assist children sometimes when they need to go to the comfort room WHILE looking after the other kids.

20. That you should be animated and be a voice actor when telling a story to make kids listen to you.

21. That even your corniest joke will still make kids LOL.

22. Rewards like collectible coupons, praises and hugs are what kids love the most, even if they deny it!

23. “NO HOMEWORK today” is what they really like the most–and that’s undeniable!

24. After a tiring day, a simple hug from a kid can make you the happiest person.

25. That teaching is still the most fulfilling job in terms of self-worth. But in terms of financial security, hmn.. can we just forget about it! 🙂

How about you, what have you learned from being a teacher?